Why technology and analytics are key in recruitment marketing

Why technology and analytics are key in recruitment marketing

Candidates are tech savvy these days - they have the best technology at their fingertips at home so assume that you, as recruiters, have access to the same levels of technology. Why waste your time doing things the manual way when you could be utilising technology to make efficiencies to your recruiting processes? The information you put out there on a job posting doesn’t need to change, but the way you share this information and the data you collect is key.

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Why you should be excited about technology

About 20 years ago, we were just seeing online job boards starting to appear. Things have moved on over the years to the rise in aggregators, and with the emergence of Glassdoor, employer branding has now become key. Applicant tracking systems have become an essential part of your recruiting, by streamlining the process, including CV screening and providing interview feedback.

Job boards still contribute 10-15% of hires in the US:

· 50% of US job seekers visit Glassdoor in their employment search
· 90% of Fortune 500 companies filter job applicants and CVs through an applicant tracking system (ATS)

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Latest recruiting tech trends

· Syndicated display advertising technology – Works by displaying automated ads across many websites, increasing the candidate reach, bringing you those hard to reach passive candidates.

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· Applicant tracking tools – The latest ATS will let recruiters filter down to the most relevant candidates, freeing up time to spend on more important recruiting tasks such as final interviews.

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· Semantic search tools – Be smart in your CV screening, semantic search tools will enable recruiters to incorporate innovate ways of searching candidate CVs.
· Mobile apps – The millennial generation use their phones for job searching, so having your own app that provides candidates with constant updates on their application is essential.

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· Behavioural target based networks – By using cookie based targeting, recruiters can target behaviour indicating that a candidate is attracted to a specific type of career. This may be useful for attracting passive candidates, as the ads are not limited to job boards.
· Presence on social media job boards - Reach more potential excellent candidates and make use of the latest social channels to advertise your job posts, but keep it personal and give candidates an individual to contact.

Tech produces a lot of information, what should we focus on?

  • Productivity and activityWithout knowing how productive or busy your recruiting team are, it is very hard to know whether you are focusing your efforts in the right places.
  • ChallengesBy looking at your efficiency in the recruitment process, such as time taken to hire, you will be able to highlight any challenges faced by your team and either improve the process or upskill.
  • Pinpointing the best source of candidatesKnowing where your candidates are coming from will tell you how strong your employer brand is, be that your own careers page or on social channels.
  • FeedbackSites such as Glassdoor are invaluable for sense checking the success of your recruitment process with the people who have actually been through it. Don’t forget candidate feedback, as reputation is key in the fickle world of social media.

Don’t be left in the technology dark ages

You can’t afford to stick to the old manual ways of recruiting, if you do you run the risk of lagging behind your competitors. Make life easy by using the latest ad technology and the best CV screening tools. Put plans in place as a priority to use the information produced by these tools in a productive and helpful way - if you do this, you are sure to see relevant candidates flooding through your doors.

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