Paid advertising – particularly on search engines – has guaranteed visitor number results. Combined with detailed optimisation, PPC can prove to be one of the most targeted and successful candidate attraction channels available to a recruiter.

Why we lead the market

  • Data-led approach to source candidates 
  • Recruitment industry specialists
  • International PPC specialists
  • Integrate with other channels to drive results
  • Search engine advertising experts
  • We’re a Google Qualified company


Case studies & examples of work

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Did you know?

  • Each month, more than 338 million people use Google and other search engines to look for job-related content.
  • 76% of job seekers are using mobile devices to search and more than half of all internet users have Google as their home page.
  • According to Google Insights for Search, the term ‘job’ shows up in about 30 searches out of 100. ‘Careers’ shows up in around 15 out of 100 searches.

PPC in 2017

The percentage of traffic attributed to mobile devices will continue to grow, which will make it even more important to ensure that adverts and websites are mobile-friendly to accommodate for this growth. This will require a better understanding on how to optimise adverts and websites more effectively to make the user experience as seamless as possible. With the increasing competition for PPC adverts, advertisers will need to ensure they master the new features of the recently introduced ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ to stay ahead of the competition.

Meet the team

Jamie Ludlow
Jamie has been involved in paid search since 2007, he loves to pay close attention to detail to not just his clients’ accounts but the latest happenings in the fast paced world of search. 

Aleesha Sharma
Aleesha works across multiple projects in social media, web, and PPC, and enjoys getting involved in a variety of tasks to help support our delivery team.

Elisha Seah
Elisha carries out research and analytics projects and also supports our SEO and PPC teams. He loves providing recommendations to clients in order to improve user journey and conversions. 

PPC clients include