NORAS (National Online Recruitment Audience Survey) is a positive step towards increased sales and profit and we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to take part.



1. Briefing and agreed questions

We arrange a briefing call to discuss and understand your key goals and objectives for the research and provide a set of questions for approval.

The final question list will consist of approximately 40-60 questions and will contain routing to ensure respondents only see questions relevant to them and a total of no more than 30 questions.


2. Build survey

We manage the design of the questionnaire, pagination and grouping of questions into logical and optimised survey sections. We also consider question order and any possible points of survey exit, ensuring that key questions are asked early in the survey and the maximum value is obtained for all participants.


3. Technical implementation

Whilst working on the questions, we also begin work on the technical deployment of the questionnaire. We design and implement a customisable survey invitation and provide your developers with code to be placed on your website, which will generate the survey invitation.

We ensure the research works on mobile and tablet (and is optimised for both) and is cookie controlled, meaning that those who decline to take part in research  will not be presented with the option to participate again.
To comply with the new Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, we provide all necessary information about cookies issued.


4. Survey live

Following testing, all technical work and when you confirm the survey is ready, we set the research live and begin collecting data.
The research field work (survey live and collection data) generally occurs over a period of 4-6 weeks though ultimately, the time-frame is dependent upon the level of traffic to your website, and more responses enable a more detailed analysis of your data.


5. Reporting

When all data has been collected, we analyse your survey data and prepare reports. The reports received will depend upon the NORAS package selected and can include raw survey data, formatted results spreadsheets, a Powerpoint report, infographics, a face to face presentation or workshop and a sales pack to help your business development team.

Case studies and examples of work:

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