At Enhance Media we understand the value of integrated marketing. For many of our clients we provide multiple services, each delivered by specialist teams.

Digital-Marketing-CasestudyThe difference at Enhance is that our specialists don’t work in isolation. Our teams work together to ensure that our clients’ messaging and brand positioning are consistent across all channels. An integrated approach also means we can help to inform and advise our clients on the mix of channels that are most effective to maximise achievement of their objectives whilst at the same time maximising return on investment.

As new digital marketing channels emerge, and existing ones mature, the ability to reach your audience online is ever increasing.

Based on traditional marketing models such as SOSTAC, we use a combination of tactics where channels complement each other to maximise that reach enables you to attract, engage and convert visitors and gain competitive advantage over businesses that take an independent channel-by-channel approach.


Building social and search engine optimisation into the content creation and promotion process, for example, would extend reach and provide a greater level of continuity of your visitors’ experience across discovery channels like search engines and social networks. Integration can be extended to any number of channels and is not restricted to these and other online channels such as PPC and email but can include offline ones as well. With analytics at the heart of measuring impact and effectiveness, our analysis of the visitor journey helps us to ensure we are utilising the most successful channels, delivered in the most efficient way for your business.