The career website is the ultimate home and portal for your online attraction activity. Every candidate who is successfully hired will have visited your recruitment website so you need to make sure that candidates get the best first impression from a research-led website.


e-15x15   Experts in website design and development: specialists in online recruitment.
e-15x15   Integrated digital marketing expertise across Enhance Media to optimise sites.
e-15x15   Experience of integrating careers websites with all the leading ATS technologies.
e-15x15   Recommendations based on specialist online recruitment research NORAS results.
e-15x15   Expertise working alongside IT departments of large corporates to provide recruitment solutions.

WEB in 2015 

As direct sourcing continues to gain prominence as the method of choice in attracting the right people at the right time for your available vacancies, ensuring that your organisation stands out in the market to potential candidates is one way in which you can stay ahead of the competition.

WEB_services-PDf-iconBy taking the time to develop a strong, careers-focused web presence, you are sending out a clear message to your potential candidates that you value them and that they are worth investing the time to communicate with them according to their needs. Not only that, by integrating candidate-friendly web pages with the drier pages of the your ATS and answering the questions they are looking to answer you can create a filtering system which results in higher quality applications that are more likely to be the sort of candidate you are looking for to fill your advertised roles. Not only that but your shiny careers presence can act as the hub of all your other digital marketing attraction strategies.

Nikki Dance at your service
Nikki Dance heads up our Web team. With over 14 years’ experience in the web industry she has created,  managed and developed a large number of marketing,  e-commerce and recruitment websites across a variety of market sectors.

Sarah Blacker at your service
Sarah is our Web and Content Marketing Manager and works closely with clients throughout the new build and support process. She has a passion for problem solving and all things technical. Outside work she is a keen cross stitcher and stage manages shows at her local theatre.