We have one clear and simple goal:  To help you use the internet to recruit more effectively.

Our Difference

Since 2001, Enhance Media is an agency fuelled by data and led with technical expertise. We stand out from the digital pack by taking a unique approach to online recruitment .                   

Our origins are in online recruitment research and as we’ve grown and matured as an agency, we still hold onto our core values. Data informs all of our work and services. We own and manage the three largest pieces of online recruitment research in the world.

It’s this commitment to data that gives you a truly unique advantage and insight into the behaviour of your future candidates.

Our Service

We’ve got a wide range of experts spread across a variety of teams. From social media to research and SEO, we can provide comprehensive services that benefit from an integrated approach.

Under the umbrella of online recruitment, we specialise in a number of different areas. Online recruitment research, search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) and careers site development each have dedicated teams who will all work together on making your projects successful.

Our specialist services are integrated to offer you the most cost-efficient and effective solutions for better online recruitment.

We focus on online recruitment research, social media, recruitment search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) and careers site development.

Our clients include five government departments, leading global brands, ambitious employers, online portals, recruitment agencies, and more than 300 job boards.


Enhance Media consistently delivers award winning online recruitment solutions. In the 9 years that an industry award for research and training existed, we have won it 7 times.


Enhance Media are proud to work with the following:

CIPD – Enhance Media has delivered all online recruitment training via the CIPD to its employer membership for the past 8 years. Our courses underpin both government qualifications and the CIPDs own learning program.

REC – The official body for recruitment consultancies have worked with Enhance Media for the past 7 years using both our training skills and research expertise to provide guidance and a window on the market and it’s development.

Madgex – The world leader for job board software partners with Enhance Media to enable its clients to benefit from both its own market leading software and Enhance Media’s best-in-class SEO, PPC and candidate attraction services.

LinkedIn – Outside the US, Enhance Media are one of only two companies in the world appointed by LinkedIn to their official partner program.

Our Senior Management Team


Giles Guest


Giles Guest has 20 years of online recruitment experience. After founding, building and selling one of the first online recruitment businesses in Europe, Giles acquired Enhance Media in 2007. The business has grown 80% year on year and by focusing on data, has developed a unique and market leading position in the industry.

Radu Stoian

 Technical Director

Radu Stoian heads up our delivery department team. He works with clients to define campaign objectives, develop strategies and create and run SEO campaigns across a range of search engines.